What is Prompt?

No Vaporware Zone

Choosing a software provider is a daunting process, not only because there are so many companies to choose from but also because it's often impossible to know if a piece of software will truly solve the problem you have.


Being in the software and services industry for a long time, we've seen many cases of people being duped by a good demo with no underlying substance. People want the promise to match the reality. Not vaporware.


Our goal at Prompt is to do less things but do them well and for each piece of technology we develop to have quantifiable results behind it to say, for example, utilizing the Document Processing tool yields a cost reduction of 84% based on real world testing. We tell you how we come up with these numbers too - and will have an honest conversation with you if the results you experience do not match what you expected.

Customers at the Core

Similar to the sentiment above, we are fully aware that the software we develop is only good and beneficial to the companies we work with if employees are actually using it. To that end, we tell our clients to think of the contract signing as the beginning of the relationship. As soon as you go live with a piece of our technology, our Customer Experience team will reach out to schedule user training, as many times a day as you need, and have real people (not chat bots or self service portals) available whenever you need it.


Our Customer Experience team will help your employees work through their specific issues through screen shares or chat sessions to help them learn what they need so they can better engage with our software.

We Know Logistics

Before Prompt, there was Lading. Lading was a 3x Platinum level WiseService partner working closely with freight forwarders, customs brokers, and other logistics companies to set up and mange their CargoWise systems. Our team has a deep knowledge of how logistics companies operate and how to get the best out of existing logistics software systems.