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Data Entry Automation

Think you need to manually enter data into CargoWise? Think again.

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Data Accuracy
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Used by 4
of the top 25 Freight Forwarders

Why Prompt Data Entry Automation?

Works with CargoWise

All Prompt software seamlessly integrates with CargoWise, the worldwide leader in global logistics operations technology, used by 25 of the top 25 freight forwarders.
Enterprise Grade
Enterprise Grade

Prompt was designed from the ground up as an enterprise platform, allowing it to handle hundreds of users, and millions of document pages a month with no issues.
Managed Service Option
Managed Service Option

In addition to providing the tools to quickly and accurately extracting data from different documents, Prompt also has a team of staff to do some of the manual tasks for you.
Secure Data Environment
Secure Data Environment

Data stored on Prompt servers meet global standards such as PCI, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and GDPR for
data privacy and security.
Algorithm Employess Understand
Algorithms Employees Understand
Prompt supplements its best in class OCR and API technology with user controlled Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to maximize accuracy.
Support and Training Included
Support & Training Included

Our team is available to work with you 24 x 7 x 365 at no additional charge.



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Documents in the logistic space live hard lives. At Prompt, we understand this and develop all our software to work with real, rather than ideal, documents.

Data Entry Automation Successes

A complex 200 page Commercial Invoice used to take one person 5 business days to capture into CargoWise.
Now it takes 20 minutes with Prompt.
A sales team had to turn away a major client because their Purchase Orders required too much time to manually enter and there was no EDI feed.
They brought the client back and increased their profit margin.
A freight forwarder could not outsource its data entry to it's offshore service desk due to CBP regulations
It uses Prompt instead to achieve cost savings.

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